Sunday, February 8, 2015

Avalanche Deaths

Utah Avalanches, 1950-Present

A huge natural avalanche near Sundance on January 12, 2005.  Photo by Bruce Tremper
Click here for more avalanche photos from the Utah Avalanche Center.
During the winter months, avalanches can occur in the vicinity of some of Utah's higher, steeper ski slopes. Heavy or dense snowfall accumulating on an unstable snowbase often trigger avalanches. Because of this, many back-country areas or isolated ski slopes must be skied with caution and proper equipment. 
Click on Utah Avalanche Deaths updated by the NWS for the latest yearly statistics from 1950 to Present.
Between 1847-1949, 189 people died from Utah avalanches--most of these occurring during the early mining days of the state. (Source: Utah's Comprehensive Weather Almanac, R.Clayton.Brough, et al., 1987, p.266.)

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