Monday, February 9, 2015

Bet on the Weather

or how to pick a dry day for an outdoor event

Have you ever held an outdoor party that was "rained on," or attended an outdoor event that was "rained out?" If so, then take heart, because there's climatic information you can use to prevent you from getting "soaked" at your next outdoor event.
First, use the charts below on Salt Lake City's Chances of Receiving Measurable Precipitation on any given Day of the Month to help you pick a day or week that usually isn't the wettest time of the month or year. (This doesn't guarantee dry weather for your outdoor party, but in the long-run you should experience more dry parties than wet ones.) Second, plan your outdoor event well enough in advance to include a possible move indoors should the weather suddenly change from dry to wet. And third, listen carefully to the weather forecasts issued by the National Weather Service and broadcast on your local radio and television stations to see if dry weather is still predicted for your approaching outdoor event.
The following charts show the chance--or percent probability--of receiving measurable precipitation (of .01 inches or more) on any given day in Salt Lake City. These chances--or percent probabilities--are based on Salt Lake City International Airport precipitation data from 1928 through 2002.
We hope you'll find this information useful when planning your next outdoor event in Salt Lake City or other nearby communities.
Chances of Receiving Measurable Precipitation in
Salt Lake City on any Given Day of the Year (1928-2002)

(Salt Lake City International Airport data published by the NWS)

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